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Spider Farmer SF600 74 Watt Grow Light


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Full Spectrum LED light

✓ OSRAM Diodes

74 Watt

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Spider Farmer SF600 74 Watt Grow Light

Are you looking for a powerful and energy-efficient grow light for your indoor growing space? Allow us to introduce you to the Spider Farmer SF600 grow light, with a power of 74 watts! This lamp is designed to provide the ideal spectrum for all stages of plant growth, resulting in healthier and more productive plants than ever before.

Please note: This grow light has a slightly longer delivery time than our standard delivery time. Approximately 5 to 7 working days.

Advantages of the Spider Farmer SF600 Grow Light:

The SF600 is equipped with the latest LED technology, making it not only energy-efficient but also boasting a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. It uses only 74 watts of power and offers a full spectrum of light, including red, blue, white, and IR light. This means that the SF600 provides balanced and uniform lighting that mimics the sun for all types of plants.

Installing the SF600 is easy and hassle-free. It comes with a hanging system and a plug, allowing you to simply plug it into the socket. The lamp is also compatible with most timers and dimmers, enabling you to adjust the lighting according to your plants’ needs.

Moreover, the SF600 is highly durable and safe to use. Its smart design ensures that the lamp doesn’t overheat and efficiently dissipates heat. It is also certified by CE, RoHS, and ETL, meeting all safety standards in the EU and beyond.

In summary, the Spider Farmer SF600 grow light is an excellent choice for indoor gardeners seeking a powerful, energy-efficient, and reliable lighting solution.

Spider Farmer with OSRAM Diodes:

The Spider Farmer SF600 features special Osram diodes on a single light bar, ensuring strong light penetration to reach shaded branches. With a deep red color ranging from 660-665 nm to 730-740 nm in the spectrum, the light can penetrate leaves and carry a lot of energy. This makes the lamp ideal for indoor spaces like grow cabinets or grow tents.

Spider Farmer SF Series Grow Lights:

In short, with the Spider Farmer SF Series grow lights, you bring the power of the sun into your home. These high-quality LED lights are designed to provide your plants with the ideal light conditions for optimal growth and flowering. With a full spectrum light source, efficient cooling, and easy installation, these grow lights are perfect for both beginners and experienced growers. Whether you have a small indoor garden or a large commercial nursery, the Spider Farmer SF Series grow lights offer the power and flexibility you need to keep your plants healthy and strong. In addition to this SF600, our SF Series grow lights also include:

So, invest in the future of your growing project and get the SF600 grow light now!

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Specifications of Spider Farmer SF600 Grow Light 74 Watt:

  • Wattage: 74 watts
  • Max. Coverage Area: 60 x 120 cm
  • PPE (Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy): 166.81 μmol/S
  • Chip: OSRAM
  • Spectrum: 660-665nm, 730-740nm, 2800-3000K, 4800-5000K
  • Voltage: 220V (AC)
  • Lumen: 10,718 lumens
  • Weight: 1.9 kilograms
  • Factory Warranty: 5 years
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 150 x 35.4 mm
  • Packaging Size: 1132 x 208 x 87 mm
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Spider Farmer SF600 74 Watt Grow light
Spider Farmer SF600 74 Watt Grow Light
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