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Spider Farmer G4500 430 Watt Grow Light


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Full Spectrum LED light

✓ BridgeLux Diodes

430 Watt

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Spider Farmer G4500 430 watt Grow Light

Looking to achieve the best results in plant cultivation but also seeking an energy-efficient and sustainable solution? Then the Spider Farmer G4500 430 watt grow light is the ideal pick for you. This advanced LED grow light fuses efficiency with potent illumination, ensuring your plants receive the optimal light spectrum they require.

Benefits of the Spider Farmer G4500 Grow Light

The Spider Farmer G4500 is designed using the latest LED technology from Bridgelux to achieve peak growth and flowering potential. Boasting a 430 watt power, this grow light can deliver high intensity, akin to traditional HPS and HID lighting systems, yet consumes significantly less energy. This not only translates into savings on your electricity bill but also contributes towards a more sustainable future.

A significant feature of the Spider Farmer G4500 grow light is its broad light spectrum emission. Utilising premium LED chips, this grow light emits a full spectrum of blue, red, and white light, ensuring your plants receive the necessary wavelengths for both vegetative growth and flowering phases. This results in lush, healthy plants with fantastic yield and quality.

Powerful Illumination from Spider Farmer LED Grow Light

Additionally, the Spider Farmer G4500 ensures outstanding light penetration and uniform light distribution courtesy of its 90-degree lens design. This ensures every corner of your grow space is catered to, optimising the benefit your plants derive from the potent light. Whether you’re a hobbyist with limited space or a professional grower with an expansive cultivation area, this grow light easily adapts to your needs.

Beyond efficiency and performance, the Spider Farmer G4500 is also user-friendly. Its plug-and-play design simplifies installation, and the lamp can be effortlessly mounted using the provided hanging kit. This grow light also operates silently and offers excellent heat dissipation, ensuring a comfortable and stable growing environment.

Thanks to its dimming feature and Daisy Chain technology, you can also easily adjust the light strength based on your plant’s needs. Connecting multiple Spider Farmer grow lights via Daisy Chain? They can all be controlled through a single controller.

BridgeLux LEDs

The Spider Farmer G4500 comes equipped with BridgeLux LEDs. These cutting-edge diodes deliver exceptional brightness, efficiency, and versatility. Designed to offer top-tier lighting performance for cultivators, their state-of-the-art technology and supreme energy efficiency make BridgeLux LEDs the go-to choice for anyone looking to upgrade their lighting system and economise on energy expenses.

Spider Farmer G-series Grow Lights

The Spider Farmer G-series grow lights are the latest innovation in LED grow lighting. These potent and efficient grow lights are crafted to offer your plants the best growth and flowering results. Thanks to the extensive light spectrum of the Spider Farmer G-series grow lights, plants are stimulated to grow and flower as they would under natural sunlight. Being energy-efficient with a prolonged lifespan, they are beneficial not just for your plants but also for the environment and your pocket. Whether you are a novice or seasoned grower, the Spider Farmer G-series grow lights are the impeccable choice to elevate your cultivation results. Our G-series range further includes:

  • G3000 300 watt
  • G8600 860 watt
  • G1000W 1000 watt

Order the Spider Farmer G4500 today and discover for yourself why it’s the top pick for all your plants!

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Specifications Spider Farmer G4500 430 watt Grow Light

  • Wattage: 430 watt
  • Core coverage area: 60 x 120 cm
  • Max. coverage area: 90 x 150 cm
  • PPE: 1262 μmol/s
  • Lumens: 76310Lm
  • LEDs: BridgeLux
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 35 ℃
  • Spectrum: 660-665nm, 2900-3200K, 4700-5300K
  • Voltage: AC220V, AC240V, AC277V
  • Weight: 6.9 kg
  • Lifespan: 80,000 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Dimensions: 1150 x 579 x 87 mm
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Spider Farmer G4500 430 Watt Grow Light
Spider Farmer G4500 430 Watt Grow Light
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