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SpectroLight Agro 450 Grow Light – Blast 500 Limited Edition


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Full Spectrum COB LED light

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525 Watt

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SpectroLight Agro 450 Grow Light – Blast 500 Limited Edition

Step into the new era of plant cultivation with the SpectroLight Agro 450 Grow Light – 500 Blast Limited Edition. This revolutionary grow light redefines indoor cultivation standards and sets the benchmark for efficiency, power, and durability. The 500 Blast Limited Edition is a stronger version of the Agro 450. With its 525-watt COB LED diodes, it truly is a powerhouse.

Unparalleled COB LED Technology

The COB LED technology of the SpectroLight Agro 450 Blast 500 is truly a marvel of modern engineering. This technology allows us to place multiple LED chips on a compact surface, resulting in a powerful light source using less space and energy. This condensed light source emits a more intense, focused, and uniform light that penetrates deep into the plants’ canopy. The advantage? This ensures even the bottom leaves of your plants receive effective light, leading to healthier, more uniform growth throughout.

Achieve Maximum Yield with Full-Spectrum Lighting

Experience enhanced plant growth and vitality. SpectroLight Agro 450 500 offers a full-spectrum lighting solution, covering the entire light spectrum plants need from seedling to harvest. The added “Deep Red” spectrum further boosts the photosynthetic process, ensuring robust plant development and increased yields.

Energy Efficiency of the SpectroLight Agro 450 Grow Light

The SpectroLight Agro 450 500 Blast goes far beyond just providing light; it’s also designed with an eye for the environment and your wallet. In an era where energy efficiency is paramount, this lamp stands out by saving up to 96% energy compared to conventional grow lights. This means lower energy costs and a smaller ecological footprint. Thanks to its advanced cooling technology and durable construction, you’ll also require replacements less frequently, leading to long-term savings.

Tailored for the Modern Grower

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial grower, this lighting solution is designed to meet various cultivation needs. Its versatility makes it perfect for both small-scale and expansive cultivation setups. Moreover, the limited edition label means you’re not just buying a grow light; you’re investing in a piece of groundbreaking plant cultivation technology.

Additional Features for Unparalleled Performance

  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring a long lifespan and consistent performance.
  • Water Resistance: IP65 rating provides protection against water, making it suitable for high humidity environments.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a user-friendly installation guide for hassle-free setup.
  • Certifications: Meets global standards with certifications like CE, ENEC, RoHS, UL/CSA, and EAC, confirming its quality and safety.

Conclusion on the Agro 450 Blast 500 Limited Edition

The SpectroLight Agro 450 Blast 500 Limited Edition is not just any grow light; it’s a statement of quality, innovation, and performance. For those serious about their indoor cultivation, switching to SpectroLight is an upgrade in efficiency, yield, and durability. Invest in the best for your plants; choose the SpectroLight Agro 450 500 Blast Limited Edition. Need a less powerful light? Check out the SpectroLight Starter 250.

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Specifications of the Agro 450 Blast 500 Limited Edition

  • Product Name: Blast 500 limited edition
  • Light Source: Spectro Light COB LEDs + SMD 380-820nm
  • Efficiency: 2.95μmol/J
  • PPF (total): 1520μmol/s
  • Input Voltage: 120-240V 50-60Hz
  • Energy Consumption: 525W (±5%)
  • BTU: 1790 BTUs/h (max)
  • Dimensions: 460x125x170mm
  • Area: 120x120x200cm
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum + Deep Red
  • Light Spread Angle: 120°
  • Replaces: 1000W PRO HPS
  • Power Supply: efficiency 96%
  • Waterproof: ip65
  • Dimmable: yes 60% / 100%
  • Lifespan: >100,000 hours
  • Certifications: CE, ENEC, RoHS, UL/CSA, EAC
  • Connection: Schuko CEE 7/7 (male) – IEC C13 (female)
  • EAN: 5906735797053
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
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SpectroLight Agro 450 kweeklamp blast 500
SpectroLight Agro 450 Grow Light – Blast 500 Limited Edition
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