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Mars Hydro FC 3000 300 Watt Grow Light


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✓ Samsung LM301B Diodes

✓ 300 Watt Full Spectrum

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Mars Hydro FC 3000 300 watt Grow Light

Want to achieve top-notch cultivation results and elevate your plants to a new level? Meet the Mars Hydro FC 3000 Grow Light 300 watt, an advanced LED grow light that optimises your plant growth and delivers unrivalled performance. With cutting-edge technology and robust features, this grow light offers everything you need for a successful and healthy plant cultivation.

Benefits and Power of Mars Hydro FC 3000

The Mars Hydro FC 3000 Grow Light is designed with the latest LED technology to deliver a full spectrum of light wavelengths, akin to natural sunlight. This allows for efficient and healthy photosynthesis, ensuring your plants receive all the nutrients they need for optimum growth.

Innovative LED Grow Light

This LED grow light also has a timer function that allows you to tailor the lighting to the needs of your plants. It also features the Daisy Chain system for easy coupling of multiple lights and control from a single panel. Moreover, it can be operated remotely via the Mars Hydro app. Add to this the low heat development and efficient full spectrum lighting, and you have a comprehensive and cost-effective grow light for the best harvest of your crops.

The Mars Hydro FC 3000 can also be controlled via the Mars Hydro App. This ensures that you can adjust the timer and light intensity as needed, anytime and anywhere!

Mars Hydro FC-Series Grow Lights

Discover the power of Mars Hydro FC-series grow lights! With advanced Samsung LM301B LED technology and full spectrum light, this series optimises plant growth for maximum yield and quality. Energy-efficient and durable, the FC series offers the perfect solution for any grower. Get the best out of your crop with Mars Hydro FC grow lights!

In addition to this Mars Hydro FC 3000, we have the entire FC series available including the FC 4800, FC 6500, FC 8000 and FC 1000W grow lights. Take advantage of a powerful light from this series.

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Specifications Mars Hydro FC 3000 Grow Light

  • Wattage: 300 watt
  • Max. Coverage: 110 x 110 cm
  • PPE: 2.85 μmol/j
  • Chip: Samsung LM301B
  • Spectrum: 380-410 nm, 660-665nm, 730-740 nm 2800-3000K, 4800-5000K
  • Max. Yield: 3 g/W
  • Voltage: AC 120-277V
  • Certificates: UKCA, CE, RoHS, ETL
  • Weight: 4.37 kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years
  • Dimensions: 580 x 520 x 81.5 mm
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Mars Hydro FC 3000 300 Watt Grow Light
Mars Hydro FC 3000 300 Watt Grow Light
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