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Grow Tent Kit Mars Hydro TSW 2000


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Including TSW 2000 Grow Light

✓ Carbon Filter & Ventilation

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Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kit TSW 2000: The Best Setup for Indoor Plants

When it comes to growing plants indoors, you need the right tools and environment. The Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kit TSW 2000 is here to give your plants everything they need. Packed with top features, it’s designed for all types of plants and growers. Let’s dive deep into what makes the TSW 2000 Kit the ideal choice for any indoor gardening enthusiast.

Inside the TSW 2000 Kit: A Look at its Features

With the TSW 2000 Kit from Mars Hydro, your plants get a boost. It’s like giving them a luxury apartment to grow in! Here’s what’s inside:

  • TSW 2000 LED Grow Light: Think of this as the sun for your indoor garden. This grow light with 300 watt is designed to shine over a large area, making sure all your plants get the attention they need. It gives the right light for every growth stage. Whether your plants are just starting out or are about to bloom, this light has them covered.
  • Reflective Tent: Have you ever seen those shiny emergency blankets? This tent is like that but for plants. The special material reflects light, so your plants get even more of it. It’s sturdy, too, keeping your plants safe and cozy.
  • Carbon Filter & Ducting: Plants need fresh air to grow, and this feature makes sure they get it. The carbon filter cleans the air, and the ducting keeps it moving. This means your plants always breathe clean, fresh air.
  • Ventilation System: This isn’t just a fan. It’s a system designed to make sure your plants get plenty of air. It helps avoid common plant problems like pests and mold. With good airflow, your plants stay healthy.
  • Toolkit: Growing plants isn’t just about water and light. Sometimes, you need tools. Mars Hydro has thought of everything. The kit comes with a thermometer to check temperature, supports to help plants stand tall, nets for training, and a timer to set the light schedule.

Why the Grow Tent Kit Mars Hydro TSW 2000 Should Be Your Top Pick

Now, you might be wondering: Why should I choose this kit? Here’s why:

  • Complete Package: Whether you’re just starting out or have been growing plants for years, this kit has everything. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your plant needs.
  • Money Saver: We all like saving money, right? If you were to buy all these things separately, it would cost a lot more. With this kit, you get everything at a better price.
  • Perfect Environment: With the right light, fresh air, and tools, this kit makes sure your plants have the perfect place to grow. It’s like creating a little paradise for them.
  • Versatile: This isn’t just for one type of plant. Whether you’re growing herbs, veggies, or flowers, this kit has you covered. And if you want to grow more plants in the future, Mars Hydro products easily fit together.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Mars Hydro is a big name in the plant world. People know and trust the brand because they make good stuff. With the TSW 2000 Kit, you know you’re getting quality that will last.

Wrapping It Up

Growing plants indoors is fun, but it’s also a challenge. You have to think about light, air, and space. But with the Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kit TSW 2000, a lot of the hard work is done for you.

This kit isn’t just a bunch of tools thrown together. It’s a carefully designed system that works together to give plants the best. From the powerful light to the protective tent, every part has a role in helping your plants grow big and strong.

If you’re serious about indoor gardening, you deserve the best tools. And this kit is one of the best out there. So, if you want to see your plants thrive and blossom, give them the luxury treatment with the Mars Hydro TSW 2000 Kit. Happy growing!


Specifications Grow Tent Kit Mars Hydro TSW 2000

Tent Size: 120 × 120 × 200cm

  • Interior Material: 100% highly reflective mylar - heavy duty, light-tight
  • Exterior Material: 1680D oxford cloth - heavy duty, lightproof
  • Connector Material: Sturdy metal
  • Frame Material: Durable metal
  • Overall Capacity: 70 KG / 154 lbs
  • Vent Size: 6 × 20cm, 2 × 7.5cm(Quantity/Diameter)
  • Micro-mesh Window: 3*13cm×45cm(Quantity/Diameter)
  • N.W./G.W.: 15KG / 132lbs and 16KG / 36lbs

Light: Mars Hydro TSW 2000 LED

  • Power Draw: 300W ±10%
  • Max Coverage: 120 x 120 cm / 4 x 4 ft
  • Core Coverage: 90 x 90 cm / 3 x 3 ft
  • Product Size: 53.9cm x 49.9cm x 9.5cm
  • Cord Length: 180 cm / 6ft
  • Input Voltage: 120V-277V(AC)
  • Lumen: 50909Lm±5% / AC120V
  • Amp Draw: 2.551A/110v; 1.316/220v
  • PAR Value: 910 umols
  • Net Weight: 3.716 KG
  • Gross Weight: 5.737KG
  • PPE: 2.6 umol/J
  • Max Yield: 2.3g/watt
  • Replace HPS/HID: 400W
  • Noise Level: 0 DB
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